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Greenwich is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its importance in the history of navigation and for the beauty of its baroque architecture.

  • The Old Royal Naval College was initially built as a retirement home for former seaman. It now forms the core of the most complete collection of baroque architecture in country.

  • The Queen's House was the first example of classical architecture in Britain, it stands on the site of part of the favoured palace of King Henry VIII during his first marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

  • St Alfege's Church is the place of baptism of King Henry VIII, and the place of burial of James Wolf – victor over the French at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec.

  • The Royal Observatory is where the studies of the heavens were made to solve the riddle of longitudinal navigation at sea and the place that was chosen as the international prime meridian, where time begins.

The Greenwich Tour typically lasts around two hours. Please contact me for information on times, availability and prices.

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