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Her Majesty's Royal Palace & Fortress The Tower of London is the most perfect medieval fortress in Europe and dates back to the most important date in English history, the Norman Conquest in 1066. Built as a fortress to keep the Norman invader William the Conqueror safe, it has been many other things besides

  • It has been a place of imprisonment; Queen Elizabeth I was held prisoner here, as was her favourite Sir Wlater Raleigh.

  • It has been a place of execution; three of our queens have lost their heads here, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard the second and fifth wives of Henry VII and also his niece Lady Jane Grey.

  • It has been a place of mystery; the boy king Edward VI and his younger brother, the 'Princes In The Tower' disappeared here in 1483 never to be seen again.

  • It has been a safe house; guarding tithe Crown Jewels, the world's most valuable collection of precious stones and royal regalia.

  • A tour also takes in the ravens, whose presence at the Tower maintains the security of the kingdom, the Yeoman Warders who protect it and many of the countless tales this 900 year-old fortress has to tell.

The tour of the Tower of London can be modified to suit your tastes. A typical tour lasts around three hours. Please contact me for information on times, availability and prices.

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