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Kids' Ghost Walk

The Kids' Ghost Walk takes you through some of the most historic parts of London, past some of its major sights like St Paul's Cathedral and through some of its lesser known districts such as Blackfriars and Clerkenwell. Alongside the stories of the Black Dog of Newgate (a spectral black shape seen slithering over the walls of medieval London's most infamous prison) and the headless Lord Norfolk who haunts his former home and fourteen other haunted locations, the walk also takes in wider themes;

  • The Reformation: the blood-soaked change of this country from a catholic to a non-catholic country in the sixteenth century is discussed at Smithfield, haunted by the hundreds of people executed there for their faith

  • The Dissolution: the forced closure of catholic monasteries at Charterhouse, where the ghosts of former residents sustained the last monastic inhabitants in their final terrifying days,

  • The Restoration: the return to this country of the monarchy after our experiment with religious fundamentalism in the seventeenth century is told within the context of the aftermath of the Great Fire of London and the accusations of sorcery that surrounded it.

  • Each ghost's story is placed within the context of its time – how could so many people have fallen for the infamous hoax of 'Scratching Fanny of Cock Lane'?, why were children sent to prison?, why did Isabella of France murder her husband the king?

  • The Kids' Ghost Walk is scary, it is spooky and it is a novel way of covering disparate parts of London's social history in an attention-grabbing way.

The Kids' Ghost Walk typically lasts around two hours and is a little over two miles (three kilometres). Please contact me for information on times, availability and prices.

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